Maximize the impact of your mission by revealing the hearts that drive it.

Uncover, identify, and prioritize your team’s talents by revealing their motivational core.

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MCORE Founders and our Sima Affiliates have rich tradition and deep experience in delivering Motivational insight for Leadership in Non-profit Organizations and Ministries. Our consultants have served over 500 unique organizations across the globe for over half a century.

For Non-profits, big and small

Our clients range from global non-profit entities of their kind, such as World Vision, to organizations like Agros, serving South America with and innovative and sharply focused approach to eradicate poverty.

MCORE Consultants have served for decades in diverse Para-church Ministries with up to 50,000 missionaries and professionals (CRU), to specialty focused ministries such as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

From Mega-Churches, like Willow Creek Church, to stressed and challenged Churches, MCORE speaks the language of motivation, which is second nature to the local Church.



Are you in your motivational sweet spot, doing most what you do best or are you driven by the unending needs that ministry presents?


What is their "natural bent"? "Fearfully and wonderfully made" for what purpose? Aligning the student for a Kingdom purpose in the right career has more to do with their "Motivational Blueprint" than their academic, athletic, or artistic achievements.


How you are motivated to lead is materially different that what cause or passion compels you. Aligning your leadership to the right organization, team, and right role is the difference between a “great fit” and an experiment in Christian Vocation.


MCORE is foundational as an intake and rapport building tool with your client. To know them at their Motivational Core is a window to serving their their deepest needs.


The mission field is a unique and demanding calling. Your motivational alignment to the unique demands that present themselves is of the utmost importance to your effectiveness and personal wellbeing.


It’s not what they "can do" or what they are "willing to do". It’s all about what they "love to do!" Their motivations point to unlocking their ministry and stewardship potential.

How It Works

  • Invite Client

    Send your client a custom link to take the assessment

  • Assessment Taken

    Your client completes the MCORE in their own free time.

  • Analysis

    MCORE goes to work analyzing the results.

  • Report

    You will be notified when the report is ready.

  • Delivery

    We'll train you to deliver the motivational feedback to your client one on one.


MCORE is helping to transform leadership at teams and Non-profits across the globe.



World Vision leverages MCORE for both executive coaching and organizational development to build team cohesion and leadership community inside organizations.


  • My experience with the insights of Motivation/SIMA has been nothing short of life changing. The strategy helped me to identify and develop my unique skills. I have recommended the process many times and am honored to recommend it again!

    Max Lucado Author and Pastor, Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, TX
  • SIMA/MCORE consultants are extremely well networked and also are great student of understanding the gifts of and individual and the needs of the organization. They are extraordinarily thorough, great listeners, tremendous students, hard workers, and have high character and honesty.

    Gene Appel Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church
  • We here at the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches had MCORE consultant do search selection and assessment for our Vice President for Finance/CFO and process that not only landed us a quality CFO but also led to some further work around Motivational Team assessments and some Executive Coaching. They were so easy to work with, I really appreciated the ease with which they communicated, their understanding of non-profit work and all that entails, and the connection we developed.

    Noya Woodrich President & CEO, GMCC , Minneapolis, MN
  • MCORE is a powerful tool that Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation leverages for both executive coaching and organizational development. Gaining clarity on vocation and high motivation roles is a primary part of our work and MCORE gives people a new window into how they are motivationally aligned, or not. Coaching through the MCORE report helps an individual view themselves with a new lens and opens up possibilities that could not have been imagined. We also increasingly are using MCORE to develop team cohesion and build leadership community inside organizations. When we look at where a team's central themes are focused collectively, it can help them to really value other members of the team, see how they can best contribute, and become increasingly effective in collaboration. There are many assessment tools available that provide different snapshots into behavior style, strengths and other facets or personality and leadership. MCORE is the only one that plays the movie, providing a rich perspective on how to best develop and deploy ourselves and others.

    Lisa Slayton President, Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation
  • One of the things we do at the C.S. Lewis Institute is to help people identify their giftedness and calling in life. Of all of the different approaches we've used over the years to do this, the MCORE and the methodology behind it is the most effective tool I've found in helping individuals discover their giftedness, which in turn leads them to a deeper understanding of their God-given calling. This personalized approach in which a person shares stories where success and satisfaction intersect identifies in an uncanny fashion the motivational core of that person. I have used the MCORE over the past year and in each case, the client has left encouraged, excited and with a confident sense that we have put a finger on his or her true giftedness. As a result of the MCORE assessment, one client discovered why he had been bored in his current job and then began what became a successful search to find a job which leveraged his motivational abilities identified in the MCORE. He is now happily employed. Another discovered that her love to be in front of people and to gain their applause wasn't something to be ashamed of, but rather a gift that she could enjoy and use to serve others. These are just a couple of vignettes that came out of the MCORE assessment. I highly recommend the MCORE as a fantastic tool for anyone trying help others realize their fullest potential through a clear understanding of their core motivations and God-given giftedness.

    Joel S. Woodruff, Ed.D. President of CS Lewis Institute