Motivationally-focused solutions for better health and wellness

Core motivation is a driving force in our lives. We seek to fulfill it not just in our thoughts and words but also in what we do physically.

Mind & Body

Since core motivation orients the whole person—mind and body—understanding it can be immensely helpful for those in health and wellness careers. When counselors, therapists or fitness professionals know how their clients are uniquely motivated they have rich insight that can be leveraged at several stages in the client relationship including:

  1. Building rapport quickly and empathetically
  2. Orienting therapy or fitness solutions on a positive basis
  3. Addressing dysfunction by looking at the shadow sides and compulsions of core motivation
  4. Building strategies for healing and health that leverage, rather than contradict, the client’s core motivation.

When we perform activities that fulfill our core motivation we are lifted up mentally, emotionally, and physically! But situations where we must suppress core motivation can lead to significant stress. Indeed, health costs of job related stress measure in the billions. And if we fail to manage our motivations we can become compulsive and damage our relationships and ourselves.

Motivation has huge impact on a person’s overall health. Motivational insights drawn from MCORE are proving to be a critical tool (or a critical inside to outside approach) used by health and wellness professionals to help their clients achieve holistic health and wellness.



You want clients committed to their fitness. MCORE enables you to customize an inside-to-outside approach that appeals to clients' core motivation and sustains their engagement.


Behavioral problems are often the shadow side of core motivation. Beginning with how clients are naturally inclined can unlock the "why" of dysfunctional behavior and help in crafting positive solutions.


Motivated behavior is often sub-conscious behavior. Understanding clients' underlying and enduring patterns of motivation can be key for helping them effectively address long-term problems.

How It Works

  • Invite Client

    Send your client a custom link to take the assessment

  • Assessment Taken

    Your client completes the MCORE in their own free time.

  • Analysis

    MCORE goes to work analyzing the results.

  • Report

    You will be notified when the report is ready.

  • Delivery

    We'll train you to deliver the motivational feedback to your client one on one.


  • MCORE has been a helpful tool in my work, particularly with clergy and ordination candidates. As a psychotherapist, MCORE has added to my understanding of my clients and helped in directing the therapeutic work. For my clients, MCORE has increased their awareness of who they are. As a result, they have been able to make wiser decisions in various areas of their lives – personally and professionally.

    Genalin Niere-Metcalf RN, MA, PsyD - Samaritan Interfaith Counseling Center
  • My counseling practice has revolved around helping clients navigate work and relationship issues. Along with basic intake, I prefer a strength-based focus that is based on autobiographical recollection. I want to find out what my clients want to do in life based on what they have enjoyed doing. I’ve used the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities for over 36 years in several different forms, including MCORE. When I have a clear picture of how my clients are motivated I can help them handle the confusion, anxiety and even depression that often accompanies and hampers life decisions. I want a picture of how they handle physical, psychological and social situations; of how they define and handle success and failure. I can coach and guide them more articulately when I understand how they learn; how they solve problems; how they accomplish their best work. I also want to understand their patterns of avoidance. I must comprehend something of each client’s uniqueness if I am to best serve and help develop their best self.

    Arthur F. Miller III LPCC
  • It is difficult to serve someone and meet their needs without understanding who they are. This is exactly what MCORE helps us to do: discover who people really are so we can create fitness to activate the best in them and magnify the good in them.

    DAVID JACK Fitness Professional