Your customers are your business. Your people serve them.


Do you know what motivates them?

For the first time in history, you are able to know the primary motivators for every one of your customers.

Your customers’ “why” matters.

MCORE will tell you a lot about your customers but most importantly “Why”. Why do your clients make the choices that they do? Why do marketing messages only connect with a fraction of our potential customers. Segmentation data is profoundly inadequate at explaining behavior. This is where MCORE comes in. For the first time in history, you will know the primary motivators for every one of your customers.

Your employees’ “why” matters just as much.

The people who serve your customers must be motivated to do so. They must possess the DNA to creatively solve marketplace problems and be part of a great workplace culture. Hire, coach, manage and lead your organization more productively through a motivational matrix (or framework).

The possibilities are endless.

The breakthrough came when science and technology allowed us to mine the stories of individuals with a scalable methodology. The practical uses are endless: Individualize your marketing to every decision-maker. Serve customers according to unspoken expectations. Know why B2B decision-makers tilt one way or another.


Corporate Leaders

Grow your leadership by growing your self-understanding and seeing how it impacts your team. Each MCORE practice area is validated to improve performance while creating loyal, engaged employees and customers.

Big Data Marketing

Talk to EVERY ONE of your customers in a language that ONLY THEY UNDERSTAND. Customize every contact point with the language of their motivations.

Human Resources

Utilize MCORE for Organizational Design/Succession by developing your talent on more than their experience. Develop world-class coaching in-house or via our network of hundreds of coaches. And use MCORE to assist with Conflict Resolution as all conflict starts with unmet expectations that are birthed from motivations.


You want the right people on the bus. Do you have a product salesperson, national account lead or sales manager? Can they pull off a long-term strategic sale, or do they need to transact daily? Find each person's sweet spot to maximize output while they get maximum fulfillment.


Team dynamics can lead to great productivity or disappointing results. The TEAM MOTIVATIONAL MATRIX is a guide to understanding your team's personality, strengths and blind spots.

Hiring Managers

Pre-Hiring Assessment - Identify the critical success factors for each role and INTEGRATE MCORE into your pre-hiring assessment process. Grow performance while reducing the high cost of turnover.

How It Works

  • Invite Client

    Send your client a custom link to take the assessment

  • Assessment Taken

    Your client completes the MCORE in their own free time.

  • Analysis

    MCORE goes to work analyzing the results.

  • Report

    You will be notified when the report is ready.

  • Delivery

    We'll train you to deliver the motivational feedback to your client one on one.


  • By coaching our executive team with MCORE, we defined everyone’s motivations, highlighted strengths and exposed important blind spots. We ended up changing our team structure which helped us move to a more strategic approach. Long-term, MCORE helped provide a great platform for trust, unity and growth.

    Daniel Adamany CEO, AHEAD
  • I have been enthusiastically using MCORE since the fall of 2013. MCORE is unlike any assessment I have ever used before. MCORE has become a foundational assessment for our Life Coaching, Leadership Development, and our full Life Plan Process. MCORE provides answers where so many of our clients have questions. As someone who has coached nearly 4,000 individuals in the StrengthsFinder assessment over the past 14 years, the question I have heard from my clients, more than any other, is "These are great Strengths and Talents! What do I do with them?!" Now instead of the laborious, time consuming process I used to use in the past, I can now reply, "That is what your unique MCORE report will help show us."

    Joe Cavanaugh CEO, Founder, Equip2Equip
  • As an assessment consultant and practitioner over the past decade, I have had exposure to countless instruments. The MCORE has exceeded my expectations in several areas. I highly recommend its use for coaches and businesses; it fills an important gap in the assessment market today.

    Josh Berry Former Chair of Business Development & Strategic Alliances at Talent Plus, Inc.