To coach someone, you have to know what drives them.

Build custom tailored coaching strategies and help your clients experience foundational self-awareness.

Client self-awareness

Different levels of the person are revealed by different assessments. Established skills and knowledge are fairly easy to identify because they are on the surface of the person and readily expressed. People are generally aware of their values and concept of self but sometimes keep these hidden. They are a bit harder to assess.

Deeper still are motivations at the heart of the person. These are such an instinctive way of the person’s being in the world that they are often difficult to articulate and to assess. MCORE reveals the heart of a person through the power of story as the client narrates important memories in their life.

Custom-tailored strategies

Coaches who use MCORE have a privileged view into the innate motives of their clients. Such insight is immensely helpful for applying various techniques coaches rely upon to be successful.

Clients themselves gain a high degree of self-awareness by going through MCORE with their coaches. This is amplified as coaches orient their approach around the unique motives of the client.

When coach and client both have insight into the client’s core motivation they have an excellent tool for co-creating effective, custom tailored performance strategies.


Executive Coaches

They want to perform at a higher level but feel blocked. Help them leverage their core motivations to achieve breakthrough and full potential.

Life Coaches

We each have a unique motivational core. Living an integrated and fulfilled life depends on being centered and grounded in it.

Team Coaches

Work through conflict and build strong teams by helping members embrace one another’s motivational differences.


Career paths that honor the person’s innate drives bring true fulfillment. Core motivation provides a compass for choosing the right path.


We need authentic leaders. MCORE enables clients to expand their influence in ways natural to themselves. Mentors. You want them to flourish. Through MCORE you can help them be true to themselves as they build their career.

How It Works

  • Invite Client

    Send your client a custom link to take the assessment

  • Assessment Taken

    Your client completes the MCORE in their own free time.

  • Analysis

    MCORE goes to work analyzing the results.

  • Report

    You will be notified when the report is ready.

  • Delivery

    We'll train you to deliver the motivational feedback to your client one on one.


MCORE is being used by many organizations for executive coaching and organizational development.



Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation leverages MCORE for both executive coaching and organizational development to build team cohesion and leadership community inside organizations.


  • I am grateful to SIMA and Joshua Miller for the opportunity to attend training on MCORE. It has significantly enhanced my understanding of the assessment and how deep it could be used to change people's life. Although it was conducted online, there was feeling of natural live discussion. The length of the training was optimal to cover all the necessary details and equip me to use the assessment effectively.

    Alexander Li Executive Coach
  • It has been a phenomenal tool for me to help leaders understand their own awareness and to really get clarity on who they are and what motivates them. I also like the methodology of MCORE. It is an on-line process. It is very easy to use and engages clients' stories. The report actually reveals the underlying motivations within their stories. It is quite extraordinary. Engaging client motivation is critical to the success of any coaching relationship. The MCORE assessment is an excellent tool to help your client discover, understand, and activate their key drivers to meet their goals.

    Bryan Wintersteen Executive Coach - Past President, Metro/DC ICF Chapter
  • I have used MCORE for 10 clients and can witness that this tool brought their self-understanding at different, deeper level. The tool is naturally and easy to use for new clients as a starting point for further discussion. For long-time clients, MCORE is very effective in grasping what they really want and like to do. I definitely will use MCORE for all my clients.

    Alexander Li Executive Coach