Everyone has a why. It’s our mission to reveal it to them.



We are committed to helping people. Science shows us that if people understand what motivates them, they can use that information to shape behavior and achieve better outcomes.


Stories Shared


  • Tony Kroening, BSEd, MACE, MDIV
    Tony Kroening, BSEd, MACE, MDIV Chief Operating Officer, Vice President Non-Profit & Vocation

    Tony was most instrumental in “bringing together” the Founders Partners and Experts who developed the MCORE Assessment and define the MCORE Team.

    Today, Tony works primarily as a Consultant utilizing MCORE for Team Development, Organizational Assessment, and Leadership Coaching. Tony is currently Overseeing the Non-Profit and Faith Based Initiatives in MCORE. He is also partnering in the Development of MCORE as a Vocational Asset for 17-21 year olds, which comes out of his passion for youth and his desire to see them aligned to their life work and the realization of their purpose.

    For the last 10 years and concurrent with his work with MCORE, Tony works with SIMA Partners as a Managing Director, running their National Search Practice. Prior to his work at SIMA, Tony spent 11 years as a Managing Partner of one of Minnesota’s largest Corporate Retained Search firms.

  • Joshua Miller, Ph.D.
    Joshua Miller, Ph.D. Chief Education Officer, Vice President Coaching & Vocation

    Joshua has 17 years of experience as a practitioner of the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA®). He drew on this expertise to co-develop MCORE and to help formulate the 27 motivational constructs that make up the assessment. He also built the MCORE training program.

    Today, Joshua serves as a Master MCORE Trainer equipping coaches, counselors, consultants, pastors, and other facilitators to use the assessment for serving their clients. He is an ICF certified coach and oversees our initiative to bring MCORE to the coaching industry. He is also partnering in the development of MCORE to help young people identify their calling and career.

    Joshua is a Managing Director of SIMA International and a board member of the organization. In addition to Coaching he draws on his expertise with SIMA® & MCORE for Executive Search, Team Building, and Organizational Development. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy of the Human Person.

  • Rod Penner
    Rod Penner Managing Partner, Vice President Corporate Consulting

    As Managing Partner, Rod is responsible for bringing PRUVIO’s strategy to life. He is most-involved with developing strategic MCORE partnerships and operational teams to serve PRUVIO’s clients. His expertise is focused on leveraging innovative human capital solutions to meet ever-changing business challenges.

    Prior to PRUVIO, Rod played a pivotal role as Managing Partner for The Gallup Organization. During his tenure, Gallup developed a global human capital solutions practice.

    Rod actively serves on corporate and non-profit boards lending his expertise to help meet the diverse human capital needs of these organizations.

  • Todd W. Hall, Ph.D.
    Todd W. Hall, Ph.D. Partner, Chief Science Officer

    Todd was instrumental in conducting the early research to validate the MCORE, writing the Technical Report, and designing the MCORE report.

    Todd currently oversees the technology platform and the ongoing research on MCORE. He also works as a consultant using MCORE in team development and leadership coaching.

    Todd is a licensed psychologist, a psychology professor at Biola University, and Chief Scientist for E Pluribus Partners, where he works with leaders and teams to develop a culture of connection. He is a regular contributor for the Human Capital Institute and ConnectionCulture.com, and his work has been featured in Entrepreneur.com, The Association for Talent Development, Execunet.com, and AppreciationatWork.com. Todd holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Biola University and a doctoral specialization in measurement and psychometrics from UCLA.

  • Randy Zimmermann
    Randy Zimmermann Partner, Vice President Health & Wellness

    Randy leveraged his more than 25 years as an innovative software entrepreneur by helping to design and develop the prototype software of the digital MCORE assessment tool. Being a part of the PRUVIO team brings together two of Randy’s driving motivators: creating unique solutions and helping people to know and apply their strengths and motivations.

    Today, Randy continues to act as a technology and strategy consultant for PRUVIO, while continuing to identify, develop and sell into new strategic distribution channels. Randy also offers the MCORE as part of the portfolio of solutions provided by the technology-based companies he co-founded and leads as CEO—Procentive, Bill Care and Tevera.

    Randy co-developed one of the first cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) products more than 16 years ago with his company, Procentive, an industry leader offering practice management and EHR software and services support to thousands of behavioral and mental health providers. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Randy worked for 10 years as an account executive, leading technology consulting teams that provided software development services to international medical technology manufacturers. Randy has actively served on corporate and non-profit boards for the past 20 years.

  • Peter J. Larson, Ph.D.
    Peter J. Larson, Ph.D. Partner, Contributing Psychologist

    Peter led the process of adapting the MCORE to be a story-based self-report online assessment of motivation.

    Currently, he works at Gloo Inc. in Boulder, CO leading their assessment efforts. He is the former clinical director for the Smalley Relationship Center, and past president of Life Innovations. Peter has co-developed several internationally used relationship assessment tools including the PREPARE/ENRICH Customized Version and the Couple Checkup. He is also a co-developer of the MCORE assessment methodology.

    Peter received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary. Together with his wife, Heather, Peter counsels, coaches, speaks and writes about marriage and family. He has authored 5 books on couple relationships, dating and parenting.

  • Amy Rogness
    Amy Rogness Director of Customer Experience

    Amy comes to the Pruvio team with a background in Customer Service/Customer Relations and Education. She also brings many years of retail experience in both associate and management roles. She carries a high level of commitment to Customer Experience and Satisfaction, and the development of people, which has carried over into her role with Pruvio.

    Today, Amy’s core roles with Pruvio include Technical Support with the MCORE Assessment, MCORE Assessment experience, Web Communications and Marketing, and partnering in Project Management with the development of the MCORE as a Vocational Asset for the 17-21 year olds. This aligns with her desire to help young people achieve their potential and gain direction for their lives.

    Amy’s opportunity to blend serving others in the Customer Experience role and the involvement of developing projects designed to see and unearth the hidden potential in others has created a great fit with the Pruvio team.


The MCORE Assessment is owned, operated, and under the development of Pruvio, LLC; an entity comprised of Partners, Investors, and “Motivational Enthusiasts”.