MCORE Certification & Training

MCORE Certification & Training Event

The Best-Kept Secret in Coaching Today:
New Cutting Edge Technology
Unlocks Your Motivational Core

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Minneapolis | June 11-12
Pittsburgh Training
Pittsburgh | July 22-23

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First came Strength Finders, then came Emotional Intelligence. Now you can uncover your clients’ full potential by reading their unique motivational blueprint!

If you want to help others:

 discover their unique joy-driven strengths out of past and present narrative stories      turn on the lights of self-awareness, self-control and core motivation   discover their motivational blueprint and how they are uniquely designed,

Fact: MCORE coaches spend more time coaching and less time assessing… join us in Pittsburgh to find out how!

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What Experts Have to Say About MCORE:

The Role of MCORE in Leadership Development
Anne Harbison | Founder, Leadership & Learning Solutions
MCORE Helps Leaders Understand “Why” 
Bryan Wintersteen | Mid-Atlantic Director, Church Resource Ministries
The Psychological Significance of MCORE in Assessment
Todd Hall, Ph.D. | Psychology, Biola University

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