Identifying Your Motivational Pattern

The more you understand your own pattern of motivation, the more you can effectively manage yourself, predict how you will perform in the future, and target those situations, environments, and relationships that provide a “good fit” for you.

The purpose of MCORE is to help identify your unique motivational drives through personal narratives. We have been working with people’s ‘achievement stories’ for over fifty years, stories of people describing activities they have enjoyed doing and believe they have done well. Through thousands of narratives, we have found that there is a unique ‘structure’ in each person’s story, a ‘pattern’ in each person’s achievements.


Attributes of Your Pattern

The unique motivational drive of you as a person is a deep pervasive inclination, not something like the power source of a machine that can be turned on and off. Based on tens of thousands of individuals studied through the SIMA® process that MCORE is based on, your pattern of motivation is comprised of four attributes that describe your pattern as follows:

Your pattern emerges early and remains constant throughout life. Values and lifestyle can and do change, but the fundamental character of your unique motivational pattern does not.

Your motivational pattern can help you understand why you perform as you do and where you find joy and frustration.

Regardless of environment or circumstance, your pattern will express itself somewhere in your life. Use of your pattern is the essence of meaningful life and work to you.

You will never satisfy your motivation in a final way, regardless of how often you have had a chance to express it or how many achievements you have accomplished.



Your Central Motivational Themes

The MCORE reveals the three Central Motivational Themes of your pattern which are key for understanding who you are and why you function the way you do.

  • The driving purpose—sometimes conscious but often sub-conscious—of your natural actions, preferences, and decisions.
  • Why you get immersed in some activities but fail to engage in others.
  • The results that you consistently strive to fulfill in your work and relationships.

Life can have deep meaning and significance for you when you are able to express these themes. 

A Validated Approach

The MCORE (Motivational Core) is a narrative tool for self discovery. MCORE is derived from SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), an assessment process that is profoundly powerful at identifying your unique pattern of motivated behavior. MCORE draws on SIMA® taxonomy and unveils the main part of the SIMA® Pattern, the Central Motivational Themes (CMTs), discovered through over 50 years of empirical research.

SIMA® and MCORE utilize a narrative psychology methodology to create a personalized process of discovery that begins by looking at real stories from your life as told in your own words.

MCORE offers a more simple and scalable approach to healthy self-discovery and self-construction that allows organizations of all sizes to utilize its predictive power to maximize the potential of each staff member.

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To Learn More

If you would like to go deeper into the MCORE process and understand the other aspects of your pattern and how your Central Motivational Themes work dynamically with them, we would be delighted to serve you.

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